Company Driver Application Instructions


Steps to access and complete an Online Application:

1. Go to

2. Enter the Validation Code T02276 , then click “Submit”.

3. You may receive two application options, depending on the company you are applying to. If you do receive two options: Click on “Driver Application” if you are applying to be a company driver, or Click on “Owner Operator Application” if you are applying to be an owner operator.

4. Select the location you are applying to, if applicable. Note: if the company you are applying to has more than one location, you will be required to choose a location before being able to submit your application.

5. Completely fill out the application.

• Include the best phone number to reach you at during normal business hours.

• Be sure to include phone numbers for past employers.

• Be certain to read and “electronically sign” all of the releases and forms.

• Any incomplete information could delay the processing of your application.

6. When you are done completing the application click “Complete Application and Submit for Review”

7. Your application will then be reviewed by the company you are applying to and referred to TLC for further screening.